CAD Drafting Services

Soham Provides CAD Drafting services such as Architectural, Civil, Structural, Mechanical and Electrical drawings. We offer high Quality and cost effective solutions to all our clients

Architectural Services

Soham provides clients architectural drafting services for architectural drawings industries.

Our professional team provides a comprehensive range of architectural drafting to its customers.

    • Residential Architectural Drafting
    • Complete set of Working/ Construction drawings of Residential and Commercial construction-Floor Plans,
    • Wall Sections, Elevations, Roof Framing and Foundation Plans
    • Landscape and Architectural Construction Drawings

Architecture Design Detailing
  • Raster to Vector, Micro station & CAD Conversion
  • Development of Working Architectural Drawings from conceptual sketches and blueprints
  • Detailing of Interior Design - Reflected Ceiling, Power and Communications, Plumbing, HVAC etc
Building As-built drawing


Civil / Structural Drafting

Soham Provides clients a comprehensive range of Civil / Structural Drafting to its customers in following categories

Building and Survey Drawings
  • Structural CAD Drawings
    • Civil CAD Drawings
Space Planning Layouts
Site Drainage
Site Plans
  • Elevations and Cross Sections
Landscape & building configurations


Mechanical 2D Drafting Services

Our 2D drafting services include:

    • Paper to CAD Conversion
  • Working drawings from Conceptual sketches
    • Assembly Drawings
    Fabrication Drawing
Creation of Drawings and BOM
    Converting 2-D drawings to 3-D models
    Product design and its modeling
  • BOM and paper to cad conversion

Electrical Drafting Services

We have extensive experience in providing Electrical / Utility / Energy drawing / detailing services for customers World wide. Our teams are conversant in executing the following:

Lighting Diagrams

    • Utility Network Diagrams
  • Fire Alarm Systems Diagrams
    • Circuit Diagrams
Local Area Network Diagrams
Layout Diagrams
Traffic Controls Diagrams
Wiring and conduit Diagrams
  • Interconnection diagrams


We process & deliver single line diagrams, preparation of component specifications, wiring diagrams. We have considerable experience in preparation of cable layout as per customer equipment and plant layout specifications, as well as cable tray and supporting structure layout details. Similarly we can prepare earthing system layouts, provide drawings for laying out the earthing strips, earthing pits, interconnection diagrams and lightning protection system.